Spiritual Leader, Psychic, Astrologer,
Shaman, Sound Healer,
Premiere Female Music Producer/DJ/Remixer


A Beacon of Light for our Aquarian Times.


Chrissie is a Professional Musician, Touring DJ, and Electronic Music Producer who releases music and productions that move dance floors and inspires the collective consciousness.  Her talent is one that blends her Shamanistic linage with an insatiable beat.  Every song she produces, every mix she releases, every multimedia project she crafts inspire her fans with a depth that can be best described with the following popular House Music Anthem… “It’s a spiritual thing.  A body thing.  A soul thing.

As her varied productions have reached global proportions, you can find Chrissie touring and performing nationwide, producing varied tv and radio broadcasts… leading many on the dance floor and online.

A notable project she produces is a bi-weekly Astrology, Numerology and Sound Forecast called, “The Magi SoundScopes”: a unique audio and visual experience where Chrissie shamanically channels and composes music using planetary frequencies based upon the major aspects of any given week.

Chrissie also is the executive producer and host of “The Masters Playground” – a dynamic radio show that embraces the illumination of our spiritual era while playing with a variety of tools of the Divine. The broadcast welcomes a variety of Spiritual Leaders, Spiritual Teachers, Mystical Healers, and a wide range of individuals whose primary focus is the Divine. Join Chrissie every THURSDAY at 6pm PST at

As the founder, owner and creator of Triple Goddess Pro(ductions), Chrissie offers Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Union Services with Divine guidance and inspiration.  Her devotion of living a Life in Service is centered on inspiring and leading many with embracing their Divine Self… an Elevated State of Awareness, and the Collective Consciousness.  For more information on Triple Goddess Pro visit: