An intimate look at Chrissie Stereo and her process in the making of her new single, “Pray For Me” and her debut album, “Frequency.” ~ Vents Magazine (Read More)

Hi Chrissie, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?
That is the thing… I have been out of and in to flow.

Can you talk to us more about the story behind your latest single: “Pray For Me”?
Absolutely! In fact I just passed the 2 year mark of my spiritual awakening which began with the Dark Night of the Soul. It was marked by a break-up, which was only a trigger in a moment that propelled me into my spiritual work and my soul’s journey. “Pray For Me” was born of the very earnest moment where I was losing my old identity and finding my true Self.

The single comes off your new album Frequency – what’s the story behind the title?

The story is told chapter by chapter, which is translated song by song. And so like any great novel, I had to put a cover on it and name it. Really it represents what happened in these chapters, which is a change or shift of my energy, my existence, my Frequency.

How was the recording and writing process?

Oh God! Fetal, pizza, feet rubbed, lavender, crystals, meditation, tears, tarot cards, candles, wine, laughs, Shamanic rituals, training, teaching, being guided and guiding, Satori, losing my mind and finding my heart. That pretty much sums it up.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics on the album?

The making of the album had me take some time off so I can truly feel what I was going through. My vulnerability was onboard and I had to become brave enough to share that. I mean… what I was experiencing was too profound and powerful not to convey. I knew I needed my journal, a mic, a guitar, and some amazing house beats to come with me. While I did that, the lyrics literally came to me. I became a channeler of Spirit and captured the messages of and for my soul.

How are you preparing for your psychic tour?

Prep time is over. The tour is in full swing. But to get going I gathered my tools (all material and non-material things) and hit the road. I did not really plan for this. I simply gathered my things and hopped on the road.

Can you talk to us more about the tour – what exactly will you be doing?

It’s beautiful really. Picture it. I pull up to a city I never have been before, set up my booth, add the pizzazz of my presentation, light my candles, charge my crystals, clear my tarot cards, set my intention, smile and allow.

The Psychic Tour (as with all of my creations & services) is based on my living in Service and making the subconscious, conscious.

What else is happening next in Chrissie Stereo’s world?

Oh wow. Everything! Let’s see… Post-Production is wrapping up for the release of the “Pray For Me” music video. I love combining sound and imagery so much, which is why I produce my bi-weekly forecasts, “The Magi SoundScopes.” So of course, I will be doing more of that. It’s stunning and so much fun!

Then we have The Masters Playground, my weekly radio show which airs every Thursday 6pm PST on It’s amazing. The fan base has grown enormously this first year on-air. What a gift! I invite everyone to tune in to find out what it’s all about. Enjoy it.

Of course, The Psychic tour continues until the end of summer. There are also DJ performances coming up as well. My availability has me confirming bookings, so look for at a stage near you.

Then this Fall I am returning to the studio to begin work on my second album.

It is a lot to do, yes. I am not fearless, but I am willing to jump in and do it. We all need to be our authentic self to be happy. And when we choose to fulfill the requirement of being our authentic self we are often called to do much, me included.

So come with me on this journey. Follow me on my websites and social links for more updates. We’ll experience all the magik… together.

~ Chrissie Stereo